Dirty Deal Audio (DDA) is a label/community of musicians and artists that have gathered to share their experience and skills to create the next-level ‘beat music’ and inspire and support one another, and simultaneously act as an embassy for Latvian beatmakers and electronic musicians, since the DDA family is pretty much comprised of all the younger generation talents there are in Latvia.

Dirty Deal Audio emerged in mid-2011, in Rīga, when the era of the Dirty Deal culture space (Dirty Deal Cafe, Dirty Deal Teatro), which was housed in the Andrejsala and then Spīķeri quarters for six years, was drawing to an end. Meanwhile, a generation of young and talented electronic musicians had grown up in Latvia, who were in need of guidance, creative companionship and, if necessary, a shoulder to cry on. The community has gone a long way from the first couple of demo events at the Dirty Deal Cafe and has since soundly marked its territory in the local music scene by organizing label parties and showcases, releasing music and gathering more and more listeners by encouraging the influx of local electronic and beat music in the dance-floors of Latvian and, most recently, also Baltic venues.

After a year and a half of active work, Dirty Deal Audio felt a need for their own studio, rehearsal and office space that would facilitate the further development of the organisation. With the financial help of the «Brigāde» program and the unexperienced and blistered hands of the DDA crew members, since September 2013, the Dirty Deal Audio HQ — the home for the label consisting of a small office and a recording studio — was born. Located in the industrially diverse Brasa district in Rīga, at the roof of the Latvian Artists’ Union building, the HQ are surrounded by sculptor and metalwork shops, heavy freight train traffic, a cemetery and a prison, which no doubt has an influence on the creative and work-flow processes of the musicians and the management alike.

Weird-hop, hip-hop, 8bit, skweee, chiptune, trap, beats, bass — if one might want label this music under certain styles, these might pop up at the top of the list, although following certain rules and respecting borderlines of musical styles is really not what Dirty Deal Audio is about.

All artists are residents of Latvia.